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Impact of Freight Charges of Product Cost

Impact of Freight on Battery Packs, Batteries and Charger Pricing

Supreme Technologies,Inc. offers this information on the impact of freight costs for  the importing of custom battery

 packs, batteries and battery chargers.

Hopefully this information will help you to make a informed decision on whether your company can benifit from

 importing your products.

The largest expense for quoting battery packs, batteries, and battery chargers is the freight cost.The smaller the number

 of product quoted the higher the freight costs and the more expensive the indidvidual products will be to

import.Typically quotes for battery packs, batteries and battery chargers are given on minimium order quantities of 500

 or more units per Shipment.

To quote on less units the individual products with the combined  shipping cost factored in deletes any cost

 effectiveness of out sourcing overseas.There are ways to defray the shipping costs to the customer.

Example... Manufacture...."A"  uses 50 battery packs a month. To ship in 50 packs a month would NOT be cost

 effect because freight cost would be too expensive.
Manufacture"A"  decides to purchase 6 months supply of packs.

 This brings the freight cost per individual pack Down and when factored in saves the manufacture substantually.

Another way to defray the shipping expenses is to "Piggy Back"  or combine shipments for the savings. We combine as

 many products as possible when importing to receive the best freight costs.The draw back to this method is that you

 must wait for your product to ship with someone elses.  

Some of the freight expenses you will incurr :

Miniumium Cost for a 1/2 cubic meter of space in 20 foot shipping container.... starts at $150.00 ( goes up with space

 your shipment requires in 20 foot container)

Customs Duty ..Add 3% of invoice value .

Customs clearance procedures and forms.  $105.00-up  per shipment .

Terminal Fee ( ranges in price) $20.00 and up.

Minimium Handling Fee of $50.00-up for handling of loose boxes up to 1/4 cubic  meter of space .

Pallete charge $8.00-up..

Inland freight -price ranges on location freight being delivered to. (closer to terminal less expense...farther away more


Inland freight is usually very costly and one of the largest expenses for delivery of you product after arriving at Port of

 Entry. you can see. Most times it is NOT cost effective to quote on quantities less than 500 units.


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